Why SkipVest?

A targeted approach to deal hunting contacting and closing.

Deals are out there. There’s always someone who needs to make a sale, and these transactions can be big wins for everyone.

Out of thousands of homes in any given town, which ones need to get back to the market right now? There aren’t any real secrets to getting deals. Everyone knows the indicators.

How the masses "find" deals:

Get a mailing list and blast them with postcards

Stick a bandit sign at every intersection

Have an autodialing robot call everyone in town

Make the most obnoxious radio commercial you can

These methods are inherently flawed.

Mass mailers, bandit signs, and cheesy radio commercials…folks in this business know that if you spend enough money and make enough noise, deals will come.

But the competition is fierce, and the barrier to entry is high. Industry veterans have seen their costs explode year-after-year as they vie for the same inventory.

Diminishing returns

People who’ve been investing for a while know that these traditional methods are actually becoming less effective with time, and relying on carpet bomb-type tactics will continue to squeeze investors until they turn completely upside down.


Strategic targeting is better than spray-and-pray.

Skip tracing is direct investigation. By identifying promising properties and tracking down the owners with the help of the best tools, you can transcend the noise of the crowded investor market, and get directly to the opportunities. It takes a little legwork, but yields great results for a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Skip Vest gives you what you need to track them down and have a conversation

Accurate Tracing

Our proprietary skip tracing technology is accurate down to the PO box number. No misses, only hits.

Speedy Search

Send us your raw list, and we will deliver a spreadsheet of skip traced results back in 48 hours or less.

Guaranteed Results

We’ll guarantee your success with the best tools and resources at our disposal. Your success is our goal.