Affordable Skip Tracing Made Easy.

Starting at $0.08 per successful skip

Since Partnering up with we have strategically combined forces to offer a more complete service to real estate investors, wholesalers, and realtors. By now offering distressed leads, our clients can now pick and choose a niche list they want to target.

SkipVest Delivers Fresh, Laser-Targeted Leads

SkipVest delivers fresh, laser targeted leads, straight to your inbox. What can an extra 3-5 or even 5-8 more contracts every month do for your real estate business?

We help real estate investors, wholesalers, and realtors get access to high quality motivated seller opportunities and optimize their marketing strategies using our distressed leads system, so you’re only getting WHAT you need. No BS. No up-sells.

Only The Highest Quality Data

In today’s saturated real estate wholesaler market, you need more targeted data to set yourself apart from your competition. Have you ever wondered why some wholesalers are able to get more deals? It boils down to one thing — they have more data; and data is power.

While you sit here on the fence, another wholesaler is going to come in and get a lead under contract because you procrastinated.

With SkipVest:

• You will find these leads allow you to talk to more people, which leads to more contracts, which equals more money.

• Cheaper than the competition

• You will convert more of these leads into deals

• You will have a ton more money in your pocket when you save on average 7 cents per lead using our system

How Does Skip Tracing Work?

Apart from advanced machine learning wibbley-wobbly stuff,
our process is actually straightforward.

Download Template & Input Leads

Select from our well designed CSV templates and enter your data.

Upload List & Submit Payment

Upload your list and submit payment via invoice we will send to you.

Data Delivery

We’ll proceed to process your order and deliver results within 48 hours via email.

We help real estate investors, wholesalers and realtors get access to the current accurate data they need.

If you want more leads, more properties under contract, or even if you just want to make more money, then this is the most important website you have visited all year!